What’s happening?

Spreading joy through billboards.

With messages like “Be happy” for Positive Attitude month, and “Hug someone today”, for Random Acts of Kindness week, The Joy Team in Portland, Oregon is encouraging positive thinking and giving billboards a more noble purpose. We can all participate…

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Five reasons bike sharing helps local business

We recently had the fun project of designing the logo for Charleston Bike Share, a new bike sharing effort under way in Charleston. As we did our research, we started compiling our own list of reasons why these programs are…

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The shoemaker has new shoes

Isn’t there an old saying about the shoemaker never having time to make his own shoes? Alas, that has been the story for Bates Design for too long. Working on our own web site redesign amid the hectic daily deadlines has been a challenge. Finally though, we can celebrate being on the cusp of launching …

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